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What is the full form of OPD

OPD – Outpatient Department

OPD Full Form

The Full Form of OPD is Outpatient Department (OPD). OPD is a department within a hospital that provides medical care to patients who do not require overnight stay in the hospital. Patients visiting the OPD are referred to as outpatients.

The OPD is typically divided into various sub-departments or clinics, each specializing in a particular field of medicine. For example, there may be an OPD for general medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and orthopedics. Patients visiting the OPD are typically seen by a specialist doctor or a general practitioner and receive treatment or a referral to another department if necessary.

The OPD is an essential part of a hospital as it provides a range of medical services to outpatients, including diagnostics, medication, and follow-up care. It is usually open during regular business hours and is often less crowded than the emergency department.

Here are some other OPD Full Form:

  • OPD – Outpatient Department
  • OPD – Office of Public Defense
  • OPD – Operations Planning Department
  • OPD – Old People’s Department
  • OPD – Ocular Pathology Department

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