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MCSA Windows Server 2016 (70-741) mcq questions with answer

In this MCSA Windows Server 2016 70-741 exam Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answer, you will find all the relevant topics of Networking with Windows Server 2016 subject. You will find the topics such as implementing and managing DNS, DHCP, and IPAM, as well as deploying remote access solutions such as VPN and RADIUS. It will help you to prepare for any exams, certification, interviews, contest and online test. Multiple sets of questions based on various topics are available in this MCSA MCQ. These MCQs have 10 questions in each set. You can practice these MCQs 1 by 1 to enhance your current skills and Windows Server 2016 knowledge.

MCSA 70-741 Exam MCQ Questions and Answers:

Below are the multiple choice questions for MCSA 70-741 Exam, aimed at assessing your knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts and skills required to implement and manage Windows Server 2016 core services and infrastructure.

Q1. Which DNS zone type uses RPC network traffic for replication of DNS data?

  1. Primary zone type
  2. Secondary zone type
  3. AD-integrated zone type
  4. Stub zone type

3. AD-integrated zone type

Q2. Which global DNS setting can be used as a DNS load-balancing configuration setting?

  1. Enable DNSSEC
  2. Enable Round Robin
  3. Enable Cache Against Pollution
  4. Enable BIND Secondaries

2. Enable Round Robin

Q3. Which of the following is part of a Windows Server 2016 stub zone? (Choose two.)

  1. The IP of one or more master servers that you can use to update the zone
  2. Resource records not contained in a DNS server’s zone
  3. A cache of domain names and their associated IP addresses for the most common domains that the organization uses or accesses
  4. The delegated zone’s SOA record, NS record, and A record

Q4. You are responsible for the administration of your Windows Server 2016 DNS server, which is installed on a domain controller as an AD-integrated DNS server. Paul, a new employee, also needs full administrative rights for the DNS server. Which security group must he become a member of?

  1. DomainAdmins
  2. DNSAdmins
  3. Administrators
  4. DNSUpdateProxy

2. DNSAdmins

Q5. You have configured your Windows Server 2016 DHCP server with a scope of and the two scope options Option 003: and Option 006: Some of your DHCP clients get a DNS server of and a default gateway of from that DHCP server. What is a possible cause?

  1. DHCP failover
  2. DHCP Policy
  3. DNS Policy

2. DHCP Policy

Q6. You want to synchronize DNS zone data and root hint data for a zone to the persistent storage of a Windows Server 2016 Nano Server DNS server. Which PowerShell command can you use for that?

  1. Start-DnsServerZoneTransfer
  2. Sync-DnsServerZone
  3. Add-DnsServerZoneTransferPolicy
  4. Set-DnsServerZoneTransferPolicy

2. Sync-DnsServerZone

Q7. You have one domain named pearson.com and a child domain named eu.pearson.com. You want to start with your DNSSEC chain of trust configuration. On your root Windows Server 2016 DNS server, you see in Trust Points and the root folder that no DS record exists. Which configuration can you use to install a root trust anchor using the RSA/SHA256 algorithm as the starting point of your chain of trust? (Choose two.)

  1. Import-DnsServerTrustAnchor
  2. Dnscmd /retrieveroottrustanchors
  3. Add-DnsServerTrustAnchor -Root
  4. Add-DnsServerTrustAnchor -KeyProtocol DNSSEC -CryptoAlgorithm RsaSha256

2. Dnscmd /retrieveroottrustanchors

3. Add-DnsServerTrustAnchor -Root

Q8. Your environment consists of one parent domain named pearson.com and two child domains named usa.pearson.com and eu.pearson.com. You must plan the DNSSEC chain of trust, including delegations. Which statement is correct?

  1. One DS trust anchor is installed for the child zone.
  2. One DS trust anchor is installed for the parent zone.
  3. One trust anchor is installed for every zone that a caching DNS server can validate.
  4. Two trust anchors are installed for the parent zone.
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2. One DS trust anchor is installed for the parent zone.

Q9. You want to migrate the DHCP configuration (including scope configuration) of an existing Windows Server 2012 R2 DHCP server to a new Windows Server 2016 DHCP server. Which PowerShell command should you use?

  1. Export-DhcpServer
  2. Import-DhcpServer
  3. Backup-DhcpServer
  4. Restore-DhcpServer

1. Export-DhcpServer

Q10. You want to test DANE and TLSA records in your testing environment. You want to use only certificates that do not have to be signed by a valid CA. Which value should you use for the CertificateUsage parameter when you create your TLSA records with the PowerShell cmdlet Add-DnsServerRecourseRecord?

  1. ServiceCertificateConstraint
  2. DomainIssuedCertificates
  3. CAConstraint
  4. TrustAnchor Assertion

2. DomainIssuedCertificates

MCSA 70-740 Exam MCQ Quiz and Online Test:

These MCSA 70-741 Exam MCQ practice sets gives you the feeling of reality and a clue to the questions asked in the actual Microsoft Server 2016 MCSA related exams. When you solve these MCQ questions practically, you come across many difficulties that give you an opportunity to improve.

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