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What is the full form of PWD

PWD – Public Works Department

PWD Full Form

The Full Form of PWD is Public Works Department. The Public Works Department (PWD) is a government agency responsible for the construction, maintenance, and repair of public infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, buildings, and utilities. The PWD is typically divided into various divisions or sections, each specializing in a particular field, such as roads, buildings, or electrical work.

The PWD employs a team of engineers, technicians, and other professionals who design, plan, and oversee the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure. It is responsible for ensuring that the infrastructure is safe, efficient, and in good condition.

Here are some other PWD Full Form:

  • PWD – People with Disabilities
  • PWD – Performance Work Directive
  • PWD – Product Work Design
  • PWD – Program Workflow Documentation

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