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LearningWerning.com is a free learning portal that provides MCQ and Interview questions with answers for C, C++, JAVA, Networking, CCNA, Computer Hardware, Cloud Computing, AWS, Operating System, MS Office and others. You will find new way to practice MCQs for Information Technology related exams, certifications, interviews or aptitude tests.

Top MCQs For Practice

MCQ stands for Multiple Choice Questions. MCQ questions are typically used to measure the knowledge or skills of an individual. The MCQ exam format is a type of examination in which each question has a list of four possible answers, usually with one correct answer. The examinee must choose the correct answer from the given options. Try to Answer the Quiz Questions available here on your own and prepare for the online quiz, certification exams, test and much more.

Technical Interview Questions

The Technical Interview Questions are a set of questions related to the job role, which are asked during the technical interview session. The technical interview questions will be asked by the hiring manager, and they will help you assess your skills and experience in relation to the job role. If you are applying for a software developer position, you will be expected to know how to code in Javascript and PHP.

Company Wise Interview Questions

Top Company Interview Questions and Recruitment Process with fully solved questions with answers and explanations. “How to get hired in a company” is probably one of your most common or recurring career-related question, yet so few employers are willing to answer this particular topic. So we have mentioned below various company interview questions which will be helpful for you.

Tips and Tutorials

Welcome to our tips and tutorials section! We offer a variety of helpful articles and guides on various topics, from software to productivity. We have carefully selected these resources to help you learn new skills and succeed in your profession. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, we have something for you. Explore our selection and start learning today.

Miscellaneous Topics​

Welcome to the Miscellaneous Topics section where I will be sharing a wide range of topics that don’t fit into any specific category. From Full forms to word counter tools and gaming knowledge, this section will be a melting pot of interesting and informative topics. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply looking for a quick source of knowledge, this section is the perfect place for you. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn something new each time you visit this section.

Word Count


Free Online Word Counter & Character Counting Tool.

IT Full Forms


A Comprehensive Glossary for IT Professionals.

General Full Forms


A Glossary of Commonly Used Terms.


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CGPA calculator


Convert CGPA to Percentage and Vice Versa.

Download Assignment Abroad Times

Assignment Abroad Times

Download AAT PDF.

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2024 Year In Progress

Display The Progress Of Current Year.

Password Generator

Random Password Generator

Generate strong and unique passwords.

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BGMI Name Generator

Create Stylish & Unique Names for BGMI

Free Fire Redeem Code

Free Fire Redeem Code

Get Free Skins, Diamonds & More!

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