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Technical Interview Questions with Answers

Technical interview questions are logical and relevant. It can be a hectic phase for a fresher as they are not aware of what type of questions will be asked from them and how they should answer them. For this, we have gathered some technical interview questions and answers topic for freshers as well experienced candidates.


Types of Technical Interviews Questions

Various types of questions included in the technical round interview fall under these categories :

  • Interview questions on technical knowledge
  • Interview questions on technical experience
  • Situational based interview questions
  • Interview questions about education

Technical Interviews Questions and Answers

The largest collection of technical interview questions and answers section for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Includes 30+ sections in different categories including: Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Software Engineering Principles, Cloud Computing Interview Questions & Answers, Cyber Security, Networking, etc…
You can also try our Multiple Choice Questions of various technical topics.

Interview Questions with Answers

Below is a list of technical interview questions to give you an idea of the type of quantity/quality interview questions you might come across.

Tips for Technical Interview Round


  • Get some knowledge about the company.
  • Try to answer according to the CV. Before going for an interview, kindly revise your cv properly. It will help you to answer perfectly.
  • It is very important to listen to them carefully. You have to reply to them accordingly.


  • As a candidate, you have to answer very politely and calmly. Do not rush in the interview.
  • Don’t try to give any wrong information about you or your education or knowledge.
  • If you hold any grudges about any past incident, don’t show it in the interview section.
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Hope you got enough idea about Technical interview questions. For more information on objective type or interview questions bookmark our site.

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