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Microsoft Word MCQ Questions with Answer

In this Microsoft Word Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answer, you will find all the relevant topics of MS Word subject. These MCQs will help you to prepare for any interviews, exams, certification, quiz & online test. There are multiple sets of questions are available in this Microsoft Word MCQs. These MCQs have 10 questions in each set. You will find the most relevant and accurate topics to enhance your MS Word knowledge. You should take all the quiz 1 by 1 to increase your skills or get better opportunities in your current role.

Microsoft Word MCQ Questions and Answers:

Below are the Microsoft Word MCQs that will assess your expertise in using the widely-used word processing program. The questions cover a range of topics, including formatting, layout, editing, and proofreading.

Q1. What is the maximum number of lines you can set for lines to drop box?

  1. 3
  2. 5
  3. 10
  4. 15

3. 10

Q2. What effect does the “Ctrl + =” key have?

  1. Superscript
  2. Subscript
  3. All FCaps
  4. Shadow

1. Superscript

Q3. What is the smallest and largest font size available in Font Size tool on formatting toolbar?

  1. 8 and 72
  2. 8 and 64
  3. 12 and 72
  4. None of above

1. 8 and 72

Q4. Tabs stop position cannot be the following alignment?

  1. Decimal Alignment
  2. Center Alignment
  3. Bar Alignment
  4. Justify Alignment

4. Justify Alignment

Q5. A ______________ is a dot or other symbol positioned at the beginning of a paragraph.

  1. Bullet
  2. Logo
  3. Cell
  4. Target

1. Bullet

Q6. What feature do you use to create a newspaper like document?

  1. Bullets & numbering
  2. Tables
  3. Columns
  4. Tab stops

3. Columns

Q7. Which enables us to send the same letter to different persons?

  1. Macros
  2. Template
  3. Mail merge
  4. None

3. Mail merge

Q8. What does “End Key” do?

  1. Moves the cursor end of the line
  2. Moves the cursor end of the document
  3. Moves the cursor end of the paragraph
  4. Moves the cursor end of the screen
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1. Moves the cursor end of the line

Q9. Where can you find the horizontal split bar on MS Word screen?

  1. On the left of horizontal scroll bar
  2. On the right of horizontal scroll bar
  3. On the top of vertical scroll bar
  4. On the bottom of vertical scroll bar

3. On the top of vertical scroll bar

Q10. A ______________ is a collection of predefined design elements and color schemes.

  1. Feature
  2. Hyperlink
  3. Palette
  4. Theme

4. Theme

MS Word MCQ Quiz and Online Test:

These MS Word MCQ practice sets gives you the feeling of reality and a clue to the questions asked in the actual Microsoft Word related exams. When you solve these MCQ questions practically, you come across many difficulties that give you an opportunity to improve.

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