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CompTia Security+ MCQ Questions with Answer

In this CompTia Security+ Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answer, you will find all the relevant topics of Security+ subject. We have covered most of the topics like Access control, Securing cloud, Host, Data & Application security, Cryptography and more. It will help you to prepare for exams, interviews, contest and online test or quizzes. Multiple sets of questions based on various topics are available in this CompTia Security+ MCQ. These MCQs have 10 questions in each set to help you gauge your readiness to take the real exam. You can practice these MCQs 1 by 1 to enhance your current networking skills and knowledge.

CompTia Security+ MCQ Questions and Answers:

Below are the multiple choice questions for CompTIA Security+, aimed at testing your expertise and proficiency in identifying and mitigating security risks in various computer systems, networks, and devices.

Q1. You’re the chief security contact for MTS. One of your primary tasks is to document everything related to security and create a manual that can be used to manage the company in your absence. Which documents should be referenced in your manual as the ones that identify the methods used to accomplish a given task?

  1. Policies
  2. Standards
  3. Guidelines
  4. BIA

3. Guidelines

Q2. Which of the following utilities can be used in Linux to view a list of users’ failed authentication attempts?

  1. badlog
  2. faillog
  3. wronglog
  4. killlog

2. faillog

Q3. As more and more clients have been added to your network, the efficiency of the network has decreased significantly. You’re preparing a budget for next year, and you specifically want to address this problem. Which of the following devices acts primarily as a tool to improve network efficiency?

  1. Hub
  2. Switch
  3. Router
  4. PBX

2. Switch

Q4. Your office administrator is being trained to perform server backups. Which authentication method would be ideal for this situation?

  1. MAC
  2. DAC
  3. RBAC
  4. Security tokens
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Q5. Which of the following authentication levels with WAP requires both ends of the connection to authenticate to confirm validity?

  1. Relaxed
  2. Two-way
  3. Server
  4. Anonymous

2. Two-way

Q6. Your company does electronic monitoring of individuals under house arrest around the world. Because of the sensitive nature of the business, you can’t afford any unnecessary downtime. What is the process of applying a repair to an operating system while the system stays in operation?

  1. Upgrading
  2. Service pack installation
  3. Hotfix
  4. File update

3. Hotfix

Q7. Kristin from Payroll has left the office on maternity leave and won’t return for at least six weeks. You’ve been instructed to suspend her key. Which of the following statements is true?

  1. In order to be used, suspended keys must be revoked.
  2. Suspended keys don’t expire.
  3. Suspended keys can be reactivated.
  4. Suspending keys is a bad practice.

3. Suspended keys can be reactivated.

Q8. When a hole is found in a web browser or other software, and attackers begin exploiting it the very day it is discovered by the developer, what type of attack is it known as?

  1. Polymorphic
  2. Xmas
  3. Malicious insider
  4. Zero-day

4. Zero-day

Q9. Which of the following is an example of perimeter security?

  1. Chain link fence
  2. Video camera
  3. Elevator
  4. Locked computer room

1. Chain link fence

Q10. Your company requires that when employees are not at their desk no documents should be out on the desk and the monitor should not be viewable. What is this called?

  1. Wiping the desk
  2. Clean desk
  3. Excessive requirements
  4. Basic housekeeping

2. Clean desk

CompTia Security+ MCQ Quiz and Online Test:

These CompTia Security+ MCQ practice sets gives you the feeling of reality and a clue to the questions asked in the actual CompTia Security+ related exams. When you solve these MCQ questions practically, you come across many difficulties that give you an opportunity to improve.

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