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MCQ Questions with Answers

MCQ stands for Multiple Choice Questions. MCQ questions are typically used to measure the knowledge or skills of an individual.
The MCQ exam format is a type of examination in which each question has a list of four possible answers, usually with one correct answer. The examinee must choose the correct answer from the given options.

MCQ Questions with Answers

Types of MCQ

  • True/False (T/F)
  • Multiple Choice A – B – C – D

The MCQs are a series of questions that have a single answer and are used to test the knowledge of an individual. These MCQs are usually presented in the form of a multiple-choice question.

MCQ questions can be used to test knowledge on different topics, such as C, C++, JAVA, Networking, Computer hardware and fundamentals, cyber security, cloud computing etc. Also find the Interview Questions with Answers of all the mentioned topics.

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Multiple Choice Questions provided here enhances your respective topic knowledge. Boost your problem solving skills and gain more knowledge by practising the Multiple Choice Type Questions over here. Candidates who are looking for Multiple Choice Type Questions (MCQs) PDF for all topics can download from here. Try to Answer the Quiz Questions available here on your own and prepare for the online quiz, certification exams, test and much more.

MCQ Questions For Application Software

MCQ Questions For Cloud Computing

MCQ Questions For Computer Fundamentals and Hardware

MCQ Questions For Cyber Security

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MCQ Questions For Networking

MCQ Questions For Programming Language

MCQ Questions For Operating System

MCQ Questions For MCSA

Advantages of multiple-choice questions

  1. Students can easily and quickly score in MCQ’s. They also have fast processing time.
  2. The students do not have to formulate an answer to the question but they can just focus on the content part.
  3. MCQ’s can simply cover a lot of content areas in a particular subject. The inclusion of a wide range of content on a single exam can effectively test the student’s knowledge.
  4. It can test a student’s high order thinking skills.
  5. MCQ’s are conducted in both online and offline exams. Both are simple and easy for students.
  6. The MCQ’s often need less time to complete so it can test your knowledge simply rather than writing a long paragraph answer.

Tips to solve multiple choice questions effectively

  • Answer the question in your mind first:

The best strategy to keep in mind while attempting MCQs is to attempt the question multiple times. Use the method of elimination and answer the question correctly.

  • Eliminate wrong answers:

Delete wrong answers in the answer list when you are sure that they are wrong. This avoids confusion and you can find out the correct answer by comparing and analysing the rest of the options.

  • Always select the best answer:
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Choosing a better answer is more important than choosing the right answer. This is because the list of answers may contain similar or related options. So you need to analyze which is the best rather than choosing the correct answer.

  • Choose the “None of the above” and “All of the above” options wisely:

This answer is mostly included in all multiple choice questions which is quite confusing to answer at times. If you are sure that at least one answer is true and the same logic applies to “all of the above”, do not select “none of the above”. Be very careful while selecting the answer when the answer list contains such type of answers.

  • Multiple correct answers:

When you get two or more correct answers to a question, you should choose all the options.


Hope you got enough idea about MCQ questions. For more information on objective type or interview questions bookmark our site.

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