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CSS MCQ Questions with Answer

Are you preparing for a web development or design job interview? Or maybe you just want to test your CSS knowledge? Either way, this blog post is for you! We have compiled a list of CSS MCQ questions with answers to help you brush up on your skills. These multiple choice questions cover a wide range of topics within CSS, including selectors, layout, and styling. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, these questions will provide a useful challenge and help you learn more about this important aspect of web development. So, let’s get started and see how much you know about CSS!

CSS MCQ Questions and Answers:

Below, you will find the MCQs for the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) programming language, which is commonly used to add styling and formatting to web documents.

Q1. What is CSS stands for?

  1. Cascading Style Sheets
  2. Cascade Style Sheet
  3. Color Style Sheets
  4. Color Style Sheet

1. Cascading Style Sheets

Q2. How to select the elements with the class name “example”?

  1. example
  2. #example
  3. .example
  4. Class example

3. .example

Q3. What are the valid values of font-style property?

  1. italic, bold, bolder
  2. normal, bold, italic
  3. underline, bold, italic
  4. inherit, italic, normal, oblique

4. inherit, italic, normal, oblique

Q4. Which of the following is used to specify the subscript of text using CSS?

  1. vertical-align: sub
  2. vertical-align: super
  3. vertical-align: subscript
  4. None of the mentioned

1. vertical-align: sub

Q5. Which of the following CSS property is used to add shadows to the text?

  1. text-shadow
  2. text-stroke
  3. text-overflow
  4. text-decoration

1. text-shadow

Q6. Which of the following is not a value of the font-variant property in CSS?

  1. normal
  2. small-caps
  3. large-caps
  4. inherit

3. large-caps

Q7. What are the valid values of “text-decoration” property?

  1. overline, line-through, underline, and none
  2. overline, strike, line-through, underline, and none
  3. double-line, overline, line-through, underline, and none
  4. None of the mentioned

Q8. Which CSS property specifies how to align the last line of a text?

  1. text-align
  2. last-text-align
  3. text-align-last-line
  4. text-align-last

4. text-align-last

Q9. Which CSS property specifies the opacity/transparency of an element?

  1. transparency
  2. opacity
  3. transform-opacity
  4. opacity-all

2. opacity

Q10. Which CSS function performs a calculation to be used as the property value?

  1. sum()
  2. add()
  3. calc()
  4. addition()

3. calc()

CSS MCQ Quiz and Online Test:

These CSS MCQ practice sets gives you the feeling of reality and a clue to the questions asked in the actual CSS related exams. When you solve these MCQ questions practically, you come across many difficulties that give you an opportunity to improve.

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