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What is the full form of SOS

SOS – Save Our Souls

SOS Full Form

The full form of SOS is Save Our Souls and is used as a distress signal in emergency situations. It is a code signal used by ships and aircraft to indicate that immediate assistance is needed. The SOS signal consists of three dots, three dashes, and three dots transmitted using Morse code, which can be transmitted using a variety of methods, such as flashing lights, radio waves, or sound waves.

The SOS signal is recognized internationally as a distress signal and is used by rescue and emergency services to respond to emergencies. It is an easy-to-remember and universal signal that can be understood by anyone, regardless of language or culture.

Here are some other SOS Full Form:

  • SOS – Support Our Soldiers
  • SOS – Save Our Ship
  • SOS – Save Our Seas
  • SOS – Support Our Students
  • SOS – Service On Site

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