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What is the full form of SDM

SDM – Sub Divisional Magistrate

SDM Full Form

The Full Form of SDM is Sub Divisional Magistrate. SDM is a government official who is in charge of a specific area or “sub-division” within a district. Their job is to help people and make sure that everything runs smoothly in their area. They also make sure that the laws are being followed, and if someone breaks the law, the SDM makes sure that the person is punished.

An SDM is responsible for maintaining law and order, resolving disputes, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the administration in their area of responsibility. They are also responsible for the collection of revenue and taxes, and the maintenance of public services, such as roads, schools, and hospitals.

Here are some other SDM Full Form:

  • SDM – Sales and Distribution Management
  • SDM – Service Delivery Manager.
  • SDM – Systems Development Methodology
  • SDM – Security and Data Management

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