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What is the full form of RAW

RAW – Research and Analysis Wing

RAW Full Form

The Full Form of RAW is Research and Analysis Wing, which is the primary foreign intelligence agency of India. It was established in 1968 with the primary objective of gathering intelligence information from foreign countries, analyzing it, and providing intelligence reports to the Indian government. RAW operates under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office and is accountable to the Cabinet Committee on Security.

RAW’s responsibilities include gathering intelligence related to the political, economic, and military activities of foreign countries. It also provides intelligence support for Indian military operations and helps to protect India’s strategic interests. RAW has a vast network of agents and informants working in foreign countries, including within embassies and consulates.

In addition to its primary role of intelligence gathering, RAW is also involved in covert operations and counter-terrorism activities. It works in close collaboration with other intelligence agencies, including the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the military intelligence agencies.

Here are some other RAW Full Form:

  • RAW – Read After Write
  • RAW – Row Address Strobe
  • RAW – Right Angle Weave
  • RAW – Regional Art Workers

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