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What is the full form of PFI

PFI – Popular Front of India

PFI Full Form

The Full Form of PFI is Popular Front of India. PFI is a political organization in India that was founded in 2006. It is a merger of several Muslim organizations and aims to promote the rights and interests of Muslims in India. The PFI is known for its progressive and secular ideology and has a strong presence in several states in southern and central India.

However, the Government of India has recently (as of 2022) accused PFI of doing anti-national activities. Despite this, the PFI describes itself as a neo-social force dedicated to empowering individuals in order to secure freedom, liberty, and protection.

Here are some other PFI Full Form:

  • PFI – Personal Financial Information
  • PFI – Public Financial Institution
  • PFI – Purchase Financing Institution
  • PFI – Public Forum Institute

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