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CompTIA Network+ mcq questions with answer – Set 8

Important Instructions:

  • Total Number Of Questions : 10
  • Passing Marks : 7
  • Each Question Carry 1 Mark, No Negative Marking.
  • Do Not Refresh The Page.
  • This Is A FREE Online Test, DO NOT Pay Money To Anyone To Attend This Test.
  • Best Of Luck…



#1. What type of antenna, commonly used in wireless APs and wireless routers in SOHO locations, radiates relatively equal power in all directions?

#2. When using the 2.4-GHz band for multiple access points in a WLAN located in the United States, which nonoverlapping channels should you select? (Choose three.)

Select all that apply:

#3. What technology do WLANs use to determine when they gain access to the wireless media?

#4. What IEEE 802.11 variant supports a maximum speed of 54 Mbps and uses the 2.4-GHz band?

#5. Which of the following is used by IEEE 802.11n to achieve high throughput through the use of multiple antennas for transmission and reception?

#6. A WLAN formed directly between wireless clients (without the use of a wireless AP) is referred to as what type of WLAN?

#7. When extending the range for a 2.4-GHz WLAN, you can use nonoverlapping channels for adjacent coverage cells. However, there should be some overlap in coverage between those cells (using nonoverlapping channels) to prevent a connection from dropping as a user roams from one coverage cell to another. What percentage of coverage overlap is recommended for these adjacent cells?

#8. If a WLAN does not require a user to provide credentials to associate with a wireless AP and access the WLAN, what type of authentication is said to be in use?

#9. WEP’s RC4 approach to encryption uses a 24-bit string of characters added to transmitted data, such that the same plain-text data frame will never appear as the same WEP-encrypted data frame. What is this string of characters called?

#10. What standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance implements the requirements of IEEE 802.11i?

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