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CompTIA A+ (Desktop) mcq questions with answer – Set 6

Important Instructions:

  • Total Number Of Questions : 10
  • Passing Marks : 7
  • Each Question Carry 1 Mark, No Negative Marking.
  • Do Not Refresh The Page.
  • This Is A FREE Online Test, DO NOT Pay Money To Anyone To Attend This Test.
  • Best Of Luck…



#1. What does BIOS provide for the computer? (Choose the best answer.)

#2. What is the correct boot sequence for an older BIOS-based PC?

#3. Jill decided to add a second hard drive to her computer. She thinks she has it physically installed correctly, but it doesn’t show up in Windows. Which of the following options will most likely lead Jill where she needs to go to resolve the issue?

#4. Henry bought a new card for capturing television on his computer. When he finished going through the packaging, though, he found no driver disc, only an application disc for setting up the TV capture software. After installing the card and software, it all works flawlessly. What’s the most likely explanation?

#5. Which of the following most accurately describes the relationship between BIOS and hardware?

#6. After a sudden power outage, Samson’s PC rebooted, but nothing appeared on the screen. The PC just beeps at him, over and over and over. What’s most likely the problem?

#7. Davos finds that a disgruntled former employee decided to sabotage her computer when she left by putting a password in CMOS that stops the computer from booting. What can Davos do to solve this problem?

#8. Richard over in the sales department went wild in CMOS and made a bunch of changes that he thought would optimize his PC. Now most of his PC doesn’t work. The computer powers up, but he can only get to CMOS, not into Windows. Which of the following tech call answers would most likely get him up and running again?

#9. Jill boots an older Pentium system that has been the cause of several user complaints at the office. The system powers up and starts to run through POST, but then stops. The screen displays a “CMOS configuration mismatch” error. Of the following list, what is the most likely cause of this error?

#10. Where does Windows store device drivers?

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