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CompTIA A+ (Desktop) mcq questions with answer – Set 12

Important Instructions:

  • Total Number Of Questions : 10
  • Passing Marks : 7
  • Each Question Carry 1 Mark, No Negative Marking.
  • Do Not Refresh The Page.
  • This Is A FREE Online Test, DO NOT Pay Money To Anyone To Attend This Test.
  • Best Of Luck…



#1. What is a thin client?

#2. What functions does a network attached storage PC provide? (Select three.)

Select all that apply:

#3. Cindy’s client wants a new graphics workstation. The client’s small business has ten current workstations connected in a Windows domain, and the client wants the new graphics workstation to be part of that domain. What edition of Windows 10 should Cindy install on the new computer to accomplish this goal and provide the best value?

#4. What is the most important component for building a virtualization workstation?

#5. What tool enables installing Windows over a network?

#6. When you install an operating system alongside an existing operating system, what do you create?

#7. If you do not complete the activation process for Windows, what will happen to your computer?

#8. If Windows locks up during the installation, what should you do?

#9. Which term describes a combination of many updates and fixes in Windows?

#10. You’ve just replaced Jane’s Windows 7 PC with a new Windows 10 machine. What post-installation tool should you run to make the transition as painless as possible for her?

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