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CISSP mcq questions with answer – Set 8

Important Instructions:

  • Total Number Of Questions : 10
  • Passing Marks : 7
  • Each Question Carry 1 Mark, No Negative Marking.
  • Do Not Refresh The Page.
  • This Is A FREE Online Test, DO NOT Pay Money To Anyone To Attend This Test.
  • Best Of Luck…



#1. What is system certification?

#2. What is system accreditation?

#3. What is a closed system?

#4. Which best describes a confined or constrained process?

#5. What is an access object?

#6. What is a security control?

#7. For what type of information system security accreditation are the applications and systems at a specific, self-contained location evaluated?

#8. How many major categories do the TCSEC criteria define?

#9. What is a trusted computing base (TCB)?

#10. What is a security perimeter? (Choose two.)

Select all that apply:

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